Welcome to “That All May Read,” a special online exhibit celebrating CNIB’s unwavering support for literacy, reading, and access to information. The exhibit helps mark the 100th anniversary of CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) in 2018.

“Nothing is more important than people being able to become literate and numerate,” says CNIB President John Rafferty, “and our role promoting braille in the education system will always be a priority, along with a concern for lifelong access to information and reading, whether for pleasure, or for education and employment.”

CNIB’s rich history encompasses the story of blind Canadians post-World War I, and the changing landscape of technology, education, and employment they encountered.  This exhibit traces those changes from CNIB’s “pre-history” as the Canadian Free Library for the Blind, to the technology of today, which moves assistive tools to mainstream devices such as personal computers, tablets, and smart phones.  We invite you to experience the story through text, audio, photographs, and documents.