CNIB Library recording studio – Listen to magazines

Colleen and Gordie Howe watch an audio magazine being recorded at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind’s studio in Toronto. Thousands of copies of this magazine will be distributed throughout Canada.

Print-braille book

Interleaving braille in a children's book allows the reader with vision loss to share the pleasure of reading or in other cases a child with vision loss can practice braille while the sighted companion describes the pictures.

CNIB Volunteer reads to a client

CNIB's Vision Mate program matches volunteers and clients for companionship and assistance with everyday tasks. Reading the paper is a frequent activity.


Logo for the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA)


Logo for Centre d’accèss equitable aux bibliothèques

Orbit Braille Reader 20 (2016)

A refreshable braille reader that is portable. Developed in cooperation with ten other organisations around the world, the Orbit Reader 20 maximizes simplicity, functionality and connectivity at a greatly reduced cost compared with earlier portable braille readers.