Betty Nobel

Betty Nobel's lengthy career in education and community work has always demonstrated a commitment to teaching and using braille. She herself has been a braille user since age five.

Segment 1

Betty Nobel recalls what it meant to start her Braille education in grade one, using braille versions of standard books for beginning readers. (1:01)

Segment 2

Betty Nobel describes the many ways she uses braille in her daily life. (1:10)

Segment 3

Betty Nobel explains her passion for reading with braille, and why she believes that listening is not always a substitute. (2:15)

Segment 4

Betty Nobel explains why she sees a bright future for Braille because of, not despite, advances in technology, and the development of lower-cost devices such as the Orbit Braille display. (1:34)

Segment 5

There is a myth about braille that Betty Nobel wants to clear up. (0:45)