Kim Kilpatrick

Kim Kilpatrick, based in Ottawa, coordinates the "Get Together with Technology" (GTT) program of the Canadian Council of the Blind. GTT offers technology training by and for people who are blind or have low vision. They work on how to use assistive technology, and how to integrate it into their lives.

Segment 1

Kim Kilpatrick describes how today’s reading technology has provided her with the independence she used to yearn for (1:08)

Segment 2

Technology trainer Kim Kilpatrick talks about the role the smart phone plays in her daily life. (0:45)

Segment 3

Kim Kilpatrick describes some of the ways the electronic form of braille makes it more useful and practical, and what the future may hold for braille technology (1:23)

Segment 4

Kim talks about what she finds rewarding and challenging about her role as a technology trainer. (1:37)