Talking books on disks

Mabel Eaglestone sorts long-play records in the CNIB Library's circulation department. Circa 1960 but typical of the previous decade.

Music Braille

Irène Côté, Home Teacher, Quebec Division is transcribing music into braille. Her right hand is creating a new braille sheet while her left hand reads an existing braille sheet.

Braille Embossing Machine (IBM)

Linked to an IBM punch card reading device, the braille embossing machine makes it possible to produce automatically the metal plates used to print braille books. The punched cards with complicated braille language are translated directly from the English text by an IBM 704 computer

Music Braille

Mr. R. Robitaille, Braille Music Transcription Service, transcribing from printed music with a manual brailler

Music braille

Robert Robitaille, in Montreal, Supervisor of the Music Transcription Service, transcribing from music in print to braille

Braille publishing in Toronto

The CNIB Library Braille press equipment, located in the centre of the publishing department at 146 Beverley Street.

Braille printing in Montreal

The braille printing shop in Montreal was located in the basement of 1181 Guy. Jacques Talbot in the foreground sits at the stereotype in 1969