Solicitation permit 1917

Permit from the Toronto Social Service Commission to solicit funds, to a maximum of $2000, (click for transcription below)

CNIB Library recording studio

Volunteer monitor cues the reader to start reading as she presses the record button on a reel-to-reel tape recorder

Library and Publishing Department

Stitching Braille Courier after braille production for distribution to CNIB Library members. Miss Mitchell was assistant librarian, she joined the Free Library for the Blind in 1917 and retired in 1957 having served for 40 years

Learning to Read Braille

Home teacher Elizabeth Rusk, right, teaches Edna Sharpe to read braille, 1934. Caption in Annual Report reads - The Blind Teach the Blind, a lesson in braille being given by one of our home teachers

Canadian Free Library for the Blind

Brass Plate for stamping books reads: Canadian Free Library for the Blind, West Toronto Ontario No._______ Class: ________ Books for the Blind -- Post Free