Eureka A4 Braille Computer and Personal Organizer

The device has a braille keyboard, voice output, in-built modem, a portfolio of word-processing, educational and personal organizer functions. It was awarded CNIB's Winston Gordon Award for Technological Achievement in the Field of Blindness in 1990

Smart phone

CELA's Direct to Player app on this smart phone supports direct download of DAISY audio books from the CELA catalogue

Music instruction by tapes

Bill Irwin (1924-2016) organist and musician recorded seven complete courses for the Library of Congress for the use of blind musicians. There is no associated print or braille, just voice instructions and performance.

Smart phone

Magnifying app on a smart phone will increase the print size of any item using the built-in camera lens

Screen magnifier

Software that presents an enlarged portion of the original screen content for persons with some functional vision